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Our Services

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Our mission is to ensure a successful implementation of whatever project you're embarking upon. We can implement your project from start to finish, or just assist you with the aspects you need help with. Below are what we think of as the stages of a project - we provide any or all of these services. For more on the types of projects we can help with, see the Projects page.



Determining Requirements

We work with you to identify current sticking points and opportunities for improvement to determine your organization's unique requirements.


Configuration Assessment

We delve deep into your requirements, current processes and company culture to help you determine the correct configuration for the software.


Testing & Verification

We verify that the data linkage to & from your accounting system is working correctly and all the results provided by the system are correct.


Training & Onboarding

We provide complete training and onboarding, both on the mechanics of using your new app and on how the app applies to your organizational requirements.


Tool Selection

Based on your requirements we walk you through the pro's and con's of the available tools. We employ our proprietary grid of critical factors to vet each provider.


Installation & Configuration

Our experts install and configure the software and connect it to the data in your accounting system.



We compile step-by-step user manuals and system documentation to ease the transition and leave you feeling empowered & in control.


Monitoring & Tweaking

Don't worry, we won't abandon you when the project is over! We will support you in monitoring project success and implementing the inevitable tweaks to make everything run more smoothly.

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